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Catering a Holiday Event? We’re Here!

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Catering & Events

  • We know how to treat our guests.
  • That’s why we’re offering catering to you!
  • After all, we’ve been doing it for over 45 years.
  • Holiday parties, graduations, communions, rehearsal dinners, corporate events, baby showers, birthdays – we do it all!
  • Rosebud Catering & Events takes the rich flavors of Rosebud tradition beyond the familiar atmosphere of our restaurants to parties and events throughout the Chicago metropolitan area.
  • We guarantee to bring the same quality and excitement of the ‘Rosebud Experience’ to your special events.
  • Our off-premise capabilities are limitless.
  • Whether it be at the office, a museum, an outdoor facility, or an event in your home, we can bring Rosebud Catering & Events to you!
  • No matter the occasion, our expert private dining team will work with you to customize and create an unforgettable Rosebud experience!
  • Please use this link to plan your event or call (574) 514-8434 for more information.
  • Let Rosebud help you throw a great party!
Catering & Events require planning. Please contact us to assist you with your event.
About Rosebud
“There is no time to hesitate if you want to succeed,” said legendary Chicago restaurateur Alex Dana. As founder of the iconic Rosebud Restaurant Group, Dana has lived and made his career by that philosophy, adding, “You can’t look back if you want to move ahead.” Mr. Dana has been moving ahead for the better part of four decades, expanding the success of his original Rosebud into Chicago’s first major restaurant group and an international household name. Beloved by celebrities, politicians, global leaders and the everyman alike, all of Dana’s Rosebud Restaurants throughout Chicagoland retain an authenticity and a high level of quality and service that has become an industry standard.
That kind of success starts somewhere, and it begins squarely with Mr. Dana. Dana’s formative years as a youth were spent working at the restaurant his father ran. “That’s where I learned to work in a kitchen, trimming meats, working prep, making steaks” he said, “it was a simple living.” Then, Dana purchased and ran a downtown luncheonette for a few years, honing his business savvy and kitchen skills. After the success of that first venture, Dana opened The Rosebud, on Chicago’s Taylor Street in Little Italy. Slowly but surely, it became renowned for its delicious, authentic Italian cuisine made from fresh ingredients. Soon, it became a phenomenon—a hotspot for local and visiting celebrities.
Mr. Dana has parlayed those early victories into a family of restaurants that has been woven into the very fabric of Chicago. From Carmine’s to Rosebud on Rush, Rosebud Prime to the Rosebud Steakhouse, the Rosebud name has expanded to the suburbs and beyond.
Click here to learn more about Alex Dana and the Rosebud Restaurants’ Famiglia.
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