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This Week’s Biggest Books

This Week’s Biggest Books


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Every week we highlight some of the most-talked about and most-interesting good books currently making noise.

Unshakeable: Your Financial Freedom Playbook, by Tony Robbins

Robbins continues to offer up life-coaching and advice, this time following up his best-selling Money: Master the Game with a clear, concise action plan to put his financial advice into effect in your own, no matter your current situation. Partnering with renowned financial advisor Peter Mallouk, Robbins sticks to practical advice that focuses on getting your financial house in order, securing your retirement, and maintaining an “unshakeable” mindset that looks beyond money to a sense of peace and confidence that will serve you well in any facet of your life.

Cop Under Fire, by David Clarke, Jr.

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke made a name for himself when he appeared at the 2016 Republican National Convention, speaking about the issues close to his heart: crime, the state of race relations and trust in government institutions, and his faith. In Cop Under Fire Clarke discusses his views on the problems facing our nations, and his proposed solutions. Clarke’s philosophy begins with personal responsibility and is rooted in his own story, and is tinged with optimism stemming from his belief in his country’s potential for greatness. Whatever your political beliefs, a thoughtful examination of the current state of affairs from one of the country’s most successful law enforcement officers is a rare opportunity for an expert’s analysis.

Portraits of Courage: A Commander in Chief’s Tribute to America’s Warriors, by George W. Bush

It’s impossible to tell how history will treat ex-presidents. Since leaving office, George W. Bush has kept a low political profile, but has been busy in other, more important ways—working with veterans. As the commander-in-chief who personally ordered our men and women in uniform into harm’s way, President Bush has been quietly meeting some of America’s veterans—and painting their portraits. Sixty-six of these amazing works of art have been collected in this beautiful book, each accompanied by an essay about the veteran’s service, also written by Bush. The former president’s devotion to our servicemen and women is a testament to his character, as is the fact that the profits will all be donated to the George W. Bush Presidential Center, a non-profit organization that seeks to highlight the struggles of returning veterans and provide practical assistance as they struggle to adapt to civilian life.

Never Never, by James Patterson and Candice Fox

Patterson partners up with Fox (Hades, Fall) for a twisty thriller that hits all the right beats. Harry Blue is a respected investigator in the Sex Crimes division—until her own brother is arrested for the brutal murders of three young women. Harry finds herself reassigned to the middle of nowhere and given a new partner who may be more of a watchdog than a colleague. Harry works to clear her brother’s name as her new home and job begin to take on an increasingly dark tinge. Slowly, she realizes she’s been isolated—brought to a place where she knows no one, has no friends, and could very easily disappear. With the fast pace and quick twists Patterson is known for, this is one heck of a ride—with one heck of an ending.

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